Friday, August 27, 2010

Inevitable Boredom

You have me now
so what will we do?
Sing me a song
rub my feet
carress my back
read me your heavenly written words
scribble across the page in dull lead
kiss my cheek
you have me now
the time passes slow
still I dont go
still I dont go
For now I am yours
excited and intrigued
you are an adventure
you are a dream
I am ears wide open and eyes wide shut
You fill void
You pour divinity into my cup
If ever there was
a person more bright
if ever there could be a more perfect light
You are the beginning and the end and
all in between
but I will fly away inevitably
What is a dream if not be

the lonely call out to the

world one does not


the hope to live in a warm red place

a chance to breath in the pure beauty

that has no boundary

what is a dream if not the ability to face

you deepest fears

deepest needs

what lies within the conquered dreamer

other than


and or the fear of love

the fear of