Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Weekend

Wow, what a weekend, somewhere in between two birthday celebrations, a wedding, Folk Life Festival, shopping, a sprained wrist, getting Teihani ready for camp, and family time,

we got to hang out with Sheanna (Elijah's baby mama to be), for the first time.

It has always saddened me a bit that we don't really know her. Her baby will be here in 2 short months. I know I have to build a relationship with her now, so she knows we will be part of her support network always.

I have met her before, even taken her to dinner, but I didn't really get to know her.
So we had her over for the whole weekend.

I took her to finish her baby registry, and to have dinner with my family where she got to meet all of our goofy counterparts:)
Everyone loved her and so do I.

They are soo young, that much is obvious, but I believe they have good nurturing instincts and that Sheanna will be a good Mommy, regardless of her age as long as she remembers to have patience and understanding at times when it feels impossible.
They seem love eachother, they are actually quite sweet together.
When all was done, ELijah said it was the best weekend of his life, and he has been all smiles ever since. He said he was soo happy to have all his favorite gals in one place, and that he wished Shawnna, his Auntie could have been there too.

All and all it was special, and I am thankful for the time we had with her.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

To Micah

One day, I hope you will get to read this Micah Jo,
I want to make sure you know
how much your Mom and Dad love each other.

We love spending time just snuggling and watching you move in my belly.

We like to imagine you sleeping, right in the middle of us all snuggled up and safe as can be.

We love watching you kick around when your Dad plays his favorite songs for you.

We are pretty crazy about each other and we're pretty crazy about you too,
little one:) Cannot wait to meet you and kiss those pudgy cheeks of yours.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

24 Weeks!

24 Weeks!!!

I am officially in my 6th month of pregnancy!
I can't even believe I only have 3 more months.
It sort of makes me sad to think of him outside of his safe little liquid haven.
I love feeling him move, and hiccup and just be, inside me, growing, and becoming.
Its amazing!

Here is what Micah looks like inside there this week!

Life is good, I feel great, my only complaints are back pain and sleepiness, and loss of appetite.
Arent I supposed to have the appetite of an insatiable beast right now?

Nothing sounds good, only papayas, different fruit, and maybe cold things like ice cream, or bubble tea.

We are still unpacking, having come close to finishing but I love our new home:)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ups and Downs

Pregnancy is sort of a mixed bag of goodies.
Some days you reach in and pull out candy, and toys and trinkets and flowers, you know all that warm happy FUZZY stuff:)
Other days, you reach in and the pit feels bottomless! Sort of yucky, and bleh. You know, like an old gummy bear at the bottom of your purse.
Our hormones during pregnancy are all over the place- and we are uber sensitive to emotions and feelings and our reactions are felt through to the soul.

All we need is for people to keep their word.
To be kind
and to listen
or give BACK sometimes
Sometimes it feels like people just take take take and take some more and then call and see if they can take just a lil more..

Sometimes, I feel like I spend soo much time listening to all the worries
and problems of everyone else, and giving all my light and sunshine and happiness to
everyone else,

I saved none for me!

Resulting in, one, tired, super tired, and down Wendy..

Is this just what happens when your calling in life is the helper, supporter, listening and advice giver to those you love?
I don't think so, I think the same love should always be reciprocated.

So I am on listen strike, and hour long advice phone call protest, cause right now, I really need to listen, and care for me and take a little time to give me more hugs, and spend more time praying.

Love ME Week:) Self declared and well worth it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Astrological Chart- hmmmm interesting:)

Here is the Astro Chart you requested:

Hi there, here is the interpretation of the astrological chart that you asked for. Thank you for visiting our web site. This report has been created especially for you. It represents your Unique picture at the time you were born and at the place you were born. If you are unsure of the exact time of day of your birth (or the date or the place), the reading will probably not seem as accurate as it could be in certain places, but other parts will seem to be very appropriate. You will notice at certain places in the reading that contradictory information seems to be given. This is to be expected, because the personality of most people is extremely complex. For example, at times we are quite shy and at other times we are very aggressive, and so forth. You will also notice that, at certain points in the reading, certain patterns may be repeated over and over, especially in a longer more detailed report than this one. This is also to be expected. This simply means that your horoscope has an extremely strong focus on this particular pattern and that you should pay extra close attention to what is said about it. Now, on with your Report!

Name: Wendy Cruz
February 7 1978
12:00 PM Time Zone is PST
San Francisco, CA

Rising Sign is in 04 Degrees Gemini
Extremely active by nature, you like to get around, meet people and do different things. Very restless, you just can't seem to stay put. You need to be involved in several projects at once in order to keep your mind stimulated. You like to read books and to write letters and to talk -- constantly. Seemingly ageless, you will always appear to be much younger than you really are. Very adaptable and inquisitive, you are always open to new ideas and experiences. A "jack-of-all-trades", you are lively and versatile. Because of the high nervous tension that you always seem to have, athletic activity would be a good way for you to burn off energy. But be careful of a tendency to experience things only superficially -- try to dig in and absorb things at a deeper level.

Sun is in 18 Degrees Aquarius.
You get bored with the status quo and are generally open to new things and ideas. An individualist and a free spirit, your friends are quite important to you as long as they do not try to tie you down by making too many emotional demands on you. Your thoughts are offbeat and you're a bit eccentric, but not always very changeable. As a matter of fact, you can be quite stubborn at times. Very fair-minded when dealing with large groups or broad issues, you are not always emotionally sensitive to the needs of individuals. Extremely objective, with good powers of observation, you would be qualified to study technical and complicated subjects, like science, computers or maybe even astrology.

Moon is in 21 Degrees Aquarius.
Very freedom-oriented, you must always be able to do what you wish, no matter what. You become stubborn and recalcitrant when others try to force you into a mold. You are a true democrat -- you are not a follower, but you enjoy being with those who are like-minded. You appreciate emotional self-control -- you practice it yourself and you look for it in others. You solve problems, including emotional ones, with your brains and intellect, not your feelings. Try to be tolerant of those who have powerful and obvious emotional responses -- not everyone is as objective, cool, dispassionate and detached as you are.

Mercury is in 04 Degrees Aquarius.
You tend to be very opinionated -- you have strongly felt notions about things and are quite vocal about expressing and defending them. Yet you are also an original thinker -- you enjoy shocking others with your offbeat, original thoughts. You appreciate and need mental and intellectual stimulation. Your judgment is usually fair and impartial -- you can be a good critic because you can remain objective and unemotional about most things.

Venus is in 22 Degrees Aquarius.
You are a friendly and outgoing individual, but close relationships are difficult for you to maintain due to your fear that they will cause you to lose your freedom. You attract friends and associates who are exciting, different and sometimes a bit odd. You are popular with others and enjoy working within a group toward group goals.

Mars is in 25 Degrees Cancer.
Your moods are very important to your overall well-being. You are confident and self-assertive when you are feeling upbeat, and you are retiring, irritable and grumpy when you get depressed about anything. Very sensitive, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are easily angered whenever you think someone has slighted you. It is best for you to show your anger immediately and let it all out, rather than to try to hold it in or to hold grudges for a long time. You're extremely loyal and defensive of your family, neighborhood, community and culture.

Jupiter is in 26 Degrees Gemini.
You have a logical, detached, objective view of most things. Your interests are wide-ranging and you are an avid student, with expertise in many different areas. You love to work things out in your mind -- everything you do is reduced to an exercise in logic and reason. You have the ability to grasp abstractions and to deal successfully with the larger issues of life. Your overemphasis on developing your powerful intellect can cause your emotional and intuitive abilities to atrophy unless you consciously choose to exercise them.

Saturn is in 27 Degrees Leo.
Extremely self-reliant, you set very high standards of conduct and decorum for yourself, and you expect others with whom you associate to be that way, too. It is important that you had a strong father figure or role model early in life to mold your life course and direction. When you feel that those around you are unworthy or behaving badly, you withdraw, preferring solitude rather than associating with those who might besmirch your reputation.

Uranus is in 16 Degrees Scorpio.
You, and your peer group, demand to confront life at its deepest and most meaningful levels. Very compulsive and obsessive in your approach to everything, you will avoid anything that is casual or superficial, especially when it comes to relationships. You will seek out and explore new methods of healing as well as different ways to deal with deep-seated emotional problems.

Neptune is in 17 Degrees Sagittarius.
You, and your entire generation, are heavily involved in investigating and idealizing foreign and exotic intellectual systems and religious philosophies. The most extreme ideals will be pursued with gusto. You will be at the forefront of humanitarian attempts to improve the lot of those who are in need of assistance. You will be comfortable with the concept of the "global village."

Pluto is in 16 Degrees Libra.
For your entire generation, this is a time of radical changes in society's attitude toward marriage and interpersonal relationships. There is a general fear and awe at the power inherent in making emotional or contractual commitments -- they will not be entered into lightly.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Certified in Mental Health First Aid!

Guess who is officially certified and finished a long long crash course in psychology courtesy of Union Gospel Mission, since we are required to have this training if we work on the UGM mental health team.
Moi! (mee)
I got my license on my fridge and errr-thang:)

I finished a course given by the National Institute of Mental Health to teach us how identify and help people suffering from mental illness, drug abuse disorders, and eating disorders.

The course taught us all about different kinds of disorders, their triggers, their signs and symptoms, and ways to provide first aid until the patient gets to a care facility, we also learned all of the area resources so that we can proved referrals, and act as advocates.
It was very fascinating, TIRING but fascinating.
I have to admit, I cried several times during the course, because we heard about allot of peoples' stories, one of which was told by a woman, Liz, whose brother was bi-polar and schizophrenic, and had disappeared, shortly after, his body was finally found in a field of John Does in Pennsylvania, this brave woman shared her story and I could feel every ounce of her pain.

So many stories, they hit me hard, because we all feel so helpless when someone we love is mentally ill. Especially if they suffer from


The inability to be aware of ones own mental illness... Because without their, or their partners compliance we cannot get help for these people, and they, don't think they need it.

Well, my journey will be long, and before I can go out and save the world, I have to finish a couple other classes in emergency response, and team orientations, then I will be able to go out and work with the mentally ill homeless community because I got so tired of wishing there was something I could do, I decided to DO SOMETHING.

Mental illness has touched my loved ones in the most painful of ways. I cannot stand by and watch other people suffer....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

21 weeks

I am 21 weeks along now, and Micah is kicking and moving and very active in the belly:)

He goes up by my ribs, down by my lower abodomen, and to the side and sometimes right up front right in the middle, like he is now. I can feel him, I am not sure what parts of him I am touching but it feels like a shoulder or his butt:)

The doctor says that he is likely to be stuck in a breech position, because of some random lining in my uterus that might be stopping him from moving to the upside down position. I sure hope my boy has enough room to move around in there!

I can't wait to meet him! To hug him and smell his cheek.. To nuzzle his face.
To comfort him..

I dream of him all the time.
After having children and loving them with every ounce of my life, it is hard to imagine feeling that immense love all over again, and I am soo looking forward to guiding another life. It is

He is going to have one huge, and loving family and also a few relatives that are his age, baby Mason, baby Austin, and baby Leland.

Lately I feel good, I have days where I feel like I am riding an emotional roller coaster without a seat belt. But overall I feel good. I feel loved, and my family is good to me. My hunny, is soo good to me. I can't imagine what I would do
without him.
He is my rock.
He keeps me grounded and sane and he is so tender and supportive. Like a dream come true!

New house is warm and cozy, still unpacking but it feels right for our
growing family.

We are all healthy, we are all alive and life is good:)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Teihani, the movie maker:)

My little film maker and Rico and I got to star in our first Music Video!!!