Friday, June 10, 2011

Batatazhino - 26 weeks

Micah my "Batatazhino" or "Little Potato"
I am 26 weeks, Micah is the size of a large eggplant.
He kicks all the time and has the cutest little hiccups, which I read, can be soothing to him.
Dad talks to him all the time, and gives both of us lots of kisses morning and night.
I got a boppy body pillow which is finally allowing me some good sleep!
I feel good, family is good, busy, but balanced and I even get to squeeze capoeira in, here and there. Which truly makes me happy:)
Big Sis Teihani, has spent time organizing Micah's clothes and helping get things ready. She talks to him sometimes and the other day her head was close to my belly and he kicked her, she was sleeping so she didn't know:)

Daddy has been painting Mica's bedroom shelf and he picked up my glider. Baby's room slowly coming along.

Life is soo full and plentiful and full of so much love and joy sometimes it's too much to embrace.

Life is beautiful.
I can't wait to hold Micah's little hand for the first time while he looks up at me with his Fathers gorgeous eyes:)

Friday, June 3, 2011

True Friendship

A real friend knows that you love them,
even if you haven't spoken for weeks, months, and even years.

Time doesn't really exist between you, because when you do talk, it's
like you never missed a moment, and your friendship has not faded at all.

Friends respect and understand your busy life, full of responsibilities and
family obligations, and time alone or time with your loved one.

Friends know, that even on their worst day, if they called you and you didn't pick up, that you love them, and that not answering doesn't mean you
love them any less.

True friends know that you always want to see them happy.

Friends don't make you meet their unrealistic and unfair expectations, instead they love you for exactly who you are nothing more and nothing less.

If they do not love all that you are, they are not your friend.

Kind and Not-So-Kind Parenting

Parenting, done with yelling, impatience, anger, and frustration, is like watering a flower with vinegar and soda. COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.

I try really hard not to say anything when I see people I know use this emotionally unhealthy parenting approach, without any understanding of their child's feelings. It literally hurts me to be around it and to see the confused hurt look on their children's faces! These people, are loving, kind, sweet people, to their friends. But with their children, they are impatient and out of control. Guess what that does to their children? Make them impatient and out of control! Then their parents wonder "why is my child like this?" Hmmm.. I wonder... Why can't some parents understand that the language their children speak, is more action based then it is WORD based. So you can sit their and talk and talk and talk and talk and criticize and preach all you can, all they hear, is the action and feeling behind your words. For instance, a 3 year old, is in the mall, exhausted, she is screaming and crying, because as a 3 year old, she is not capable of expressing it like this:" I am a bit fatigued, and would prefer to take a nap then go shopping" Umm. No.
She is 3
You have to READ her actions. If she is starting to cry and fuss and complain, does it help to say things like: "do you want other children to see you laughing and make fun of you??? Then STOP crying!!!" To the child, this just sounds cruel. Then there's the hit, "if you don't stop I am going to spank your butt" yeah genius, hit your exhausted crying child, that will help her calm right down!!! Why didn't I think of that?? Or how about I HIT YOU??? Will that calm YOU DOWN?
Try distracting your child, if you really must shop right that moment, you should have brought,a place for the child to rest, like a folding stroller, some snacks, some books or toys to occupy them, and be prepared to take a few minutes here and there to interact and calm your child. Sorry, I had to vent, I know several people that parent, by unnecessary screaming and yelling, and hitting, and their children, are mostly ill mannered and frustrated, and constantly acting up. WHEN WITH THAT PARENT. Leave that same child alone with me, and they are calm, happy and well behaved. Doesn't take a rocket scientist!! PARENTING TAKES PATIENCE COMMUNICATION AND THE ABILITY TO LEARN YOUR CHILD'S LANGUAGE!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Baby Shower for Elijah and Sheanna!! Ladies only please:)

These are being popped in the mail today- so look out for them:) Ciao!