Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 7

It's been almost exactly one week since I went on this healthy foods kick. I will weight myself tonight to see if I am down from my last weigh in at a whopping 200 lbs! YEAH I said it. I didn't say it proud either. I am very very disappointed in letting my outer layer get this fluffy! lolI felt quite superb until, uh I would say pound 190.

Even though I am thankful that I can feel like a hottie with a naughty body at 190 lbs! It is not a good feeling on my bones, joints, back and hips.

Healthy eating, takes a bit of creativity, but I'm up for the challenge.

My shopping list last night looked like this:
Chicken Breast
Almond Yogurt
Organic Asparagus
Organic tomatoes
PB2 regular and chocolate peanut butter
Romaine Lettuce (MUST HAVE)
Flax Chocolate chunk muffins
Wheat tortillas

I'll see what I can come up with using these ingredients and post them over the next few days:)

Monday, February 27, 2012

New Outlook on Food - Making Delicious Healthy Choices

Who would have known how amazing healthy food can taste. Day 3 of my new lifstyle, was last Friday.

I made romaine lettuce boats with lemon garlic cubed steak, and sauteed red bell peppers, avocados and onions. (above)

TO DIE FOR! Full of flavor and sooo very filling!

Day 4, (breakfast, was a scrambled egg with spinach and some leftover cubed steak, and avocado.

Day 4 Dinner, We ordered pizza, I scooped the topping off of the bread and put them on top of a rice cake, cutting my caloric intake into half!

Day 5 Breakfast, (we ate out) I had to modify my order to make my Loco Moco less LOCO. I ordered it with scrambled egg white, no rice, and gravy on the side, with a cup of coffee. It was filing, and didn't leave me feeling full and sick like it usually does!

Day 5 Dinner,
Organic Italian Chicken sausage, with sauteed onions and orange bell peppers, in a romaine lettuce boat.

Day 5 LUNCH , I went down to our 10th floor cafe and grabbed 3 big green romain lettuce leaves, and filled each one with something different
  • Tuna salad and capers with a dab of dijon
  • Turkey salad with sauteed zucchini
  • smoked turkey cold cuts and small pieces of havarti (1/2 slice)

Proud moment of note: I went to a birthday party and actually passed on the pizza and cake, and I didn't miss it. Yes I did pat myself on the back:)

Something within my core has changed, my attitude about food. Usually I deeply crave the greasy snacks packed with salt, the cake, the ice cream, the bubble tea and popcorn chicken. However, deep in my core, the cravings are just gone.

Sometimes the scale tells us more than what we weigh, it tells us how we view food, the world, money, and ourselves. If my weight is some reflection of how I feel about myself, then I had better make a change. I have always been confident, happy and full of energy. I feel my weight dragging me down. When I look in the mirror, I see a size 9- but my pants say 14.
My photos look like a different person! I need to eat healthy to bring me back, and let me shine:)
Lighter, more energy, and I think this goal has reprogrammed my thoughts around food.

I am fighting back! I am battling against chips, waving my sword at cakes, defeating fatty foods with wreckless abandon and calorie counters! By way of rice cakes and lettuce! Watch out fat, here comes defeat!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Leaf

In an effort to begin a new health regimen, I have been inspired by friends, like Jeni Fujita and Edgar P. and their photos of delicious HEALTHY food.

How many other people out there think of disgusting bitter greens, expensive grocery shopping (i.e. Whole Foods, for the good organic stuff) not to mention hwo difficult it is to think up a yummy meal with these ingredients that cost an arm and a leg. Well, time to get creative people, like a child in a 3rd grade cooking class.

It's not hard to do.

Wednesday was my first healthy experiment.
I made a ginger garlic spinach soup with chicken breast and a little rice, cost under 20.00, for a giant pot.

Today, I went to our closest cafe, grabbed two giant lettuce leaves, and stuffed each with some tuna, capers, a pickle, and a little bit of dijon. TO DIE FOR! (inspired by Edgar's lettuce "blunts")

I admit, it left me a little hungry, so maybe I would get three lettuce pieces next time.
Guilt free, creative gifts.

I think with a little child-like creativity, we can really create some delicious healthy snacks, without the expensive cookbooks, or diet plans, just with our own minds and with the intent of bringing love, and health to our bodies through natural delicious food.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Notice your impulse to "do," fix, and/or manage your discomfort.

Notice your breathing. (Is it shallow? Is it relaxed?)

After you've scrolled through once, go down the list again and zero in on the ones that brought up some emotional weather. Use your clearing journal to release some charge:

  • Is there something in your purse or wallet that doesn't need to be there? Yes, a ton of papers
  • Is there something in the backseat or trunk of your car that's been there longer than a week (that doesn't need to be there)? Nope
  • Are you wearing something right now that you don't love, doesn't flatter you, or doesn't fit perfectly (yes, including underwear)? YES!!!
  • Is there something in your closet that you haven't worn in over a year? OH YEAH
  • Is your sock drawer a jumble of pair-less orphans? Sort of
  • Do you have stuff in the fridge or freezer that is over six months old?
  • Is there food that hasn't been put away? Some cereal boxes stored on counter
  • Are there dishes that need to be washed? Or put away?
  • Is there something on the refrigerator door that is expired, aged beyond recognition, not even noticeable?
  • Is there something on the floor that belongs on a surface or in a drawer? Probably
  • Do you have a plant that could use a little pruning, or watering?
  • Are there lights on that are not being used?
  • Do you have to dodge something to get past the entryway to your home? Nope
  • Are you feeling pissed-off at a family member, partner, or roommate for not doing their part to keep things clear and tidy? Sometimes, but not right now.
  • Is there something you're doing right now that can wait? No
  • Is there something you can do right now that would be a better use of your time? Yes
  • Is there something you can do right now that better matches your energy level? YES, SLEEEEP:)
  • Are you feeling any twinges (even a hint) of overwhelm or anxiety as you scroll down this list?
  • Are your buttons getting pressed by these questions?

Clearing Journal

Complete these statements in your journal:
  • Right now I'm feelin: a little worried
  • Sensations I experienced while doing this exercise were: laughter, realization
  • The problem areas that made me go into self-judgment, blame, overwhelm: the part asking about family members. I feel like maybe one of my family members gets frustrated with my lack of time to organize things!
  • One thing from the list that I can address right now/ sometime today is: Organizing my purse and sock drawer:)
  • Right now I'm feeling... [note: this is a new minute, notice if you're feeling the same or different than you did the last time you checked] Fine

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Clearing My Home and Clearing My Life - Daily Om Course- Daily Reflections

Clearing Journal

  • Right now I am feeling…:
  • Overwhelmed
  • One thing I wasn't previously aware of before today….: How easily I can be pursuaded to make purchases I might not be sure about
  • It is easy for me practice being aware when: When I quiet my mind and silence my thoughts and just breathe