Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Running 101

I went for my first long run yesterday with my Son.
He is 16
He is in shape
he is 16 and he is

But he didnt leave me in the dust, he even looped around and came back for me as I did the "I think I can" up East Union hill.

We did a series of Sprint/jog/walk for 20 seconds

Sprint as fast as you can until your about to faint, then slow to a jog, until your about to faint again, then walk for 20 seconds.

It is next day, we ran about 3 miles, and my abs are super contracted, and my calves a bit sore, and yet I will still be going to Capoeira class tonight.

My ultimate goal.

No more talking about it, now I am going to BE about it.

Easier said that donek, considering the fact that I am totally and madly inlove with FOOD.
My Son said, Mom, give up like, fries and desserts, and I said "Not gonna happen"
Then he said, "well then give up chocolate" to which my response was
"what are you crazy?"

I can cut down, but I dont believe in total elimination I mean, that's like mideival torture.
So if I run and Capoeira and Yoga enough, maybe I can eat what the heck I want and still be svelt. What do you think?