Thursday, September 27, 2012

Aural Habilitation Mondays

Micah began seeing Dr. Nancy Watson at Childrens the other week on Mondays.  He is learning to listen and make use of the limited sound he gets through his hearing aids.  I am noticing that he enjoys the sounds he gets, he no longer pulls on his hearing aids and he combines vocalization with sign. He loves Yo Gabba Gabba and singing/signing songs! Seriously, I am so rediculously crazy about this kid.

Every time we see Dr. Watson, she tells me I am her dream Mom and she is soo hapy I am Micahs Mom cause I already do soo many of the things she wants us to do. Somehow it came to me organically, I dont know, but I am grateful that I am doing it right!:) I am also happy that she is soo respectful fo our bilingual approach that she uses sign with him as well as speech.

As for ME (sometimes I forget there even is a ME) Moms, you feel me!!!

 I have definitely been isolating a bit and not talking to many people as I am focused on making these huge decisions and work, and just being a Mommy and Lola. Life is soo busy right now, and I am in place where I need to process and figure some things out.Some of my lovely friends get it, and I am soo thankful, but others dont and my heart tells me that they will come around when the time is right.

Our Journey - Micah & Cochlear Implants

Our Journey - Micah & Cochlear Implants - Continued

I have been working on a video blog of the cochlear implant decision process, and just Micah's day to day life.  I really suck at video editing, thank goodness my Brother is learning about film production and editing.. HELP ME RICKEY:)

Micah's signs are emerging!! It is soo exciting, he is signing Mom, eat, more, up, and want. He is also crawling at the speed of light and standing on things, also feeling comfortable enough to let go.

We are still no closer to deciding about the implant ( I am still not closer)! The other week we met up with other families from our ASL class, and one little girl was getting ready to get implanted on the 19th, I found myself apprehensive about it, and feeling sorry for the little girl. I observed my feelings.  I believe in her family's choice, but I found myself feeling like, I couldn't do that to Micah.  This instinctive protective natural reaction is how I feel about the implant all the time. 

Like I have to protect him from it. Protect him from all the hearing people that want him to change and be like them. When he is perfect just as he is!!

I am digging deeper into these feelings and trying to sort it all out.
I had a dream the other night that I packed and took him in the middle of the night, right before his scheduled surgery, I literally ran away from him to protect him from the surgery!

I am praying and praying for some clarity and that God helps me with this decision so that my emotions around the whole thing doesnt effect me knowing deep down what is best for him. I am still reaching out to Deaf people, to get more information. I still have soo many questions!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weightloss Journey

SO I joined this group caled Botycampers, ran by my pal Jeni Fujita, who is life coach and fitness extraordinaire, not to mention, an amazing singer to boot.

Soo far, I have lost 12 lbs.   I am proud to say the weight is coming off consistently, and I am drinking atleast 8 8oz glasses of water, and getting some cardio and strength training in every day. I am trying to eat healthier, but I dont beat myself up over a few dark chocolate pieces. Heres my latest body pic.  I am at 187.5! My goal isnt really a number, but a feeling, the feeling of less knee pains, feeling good in my size 10 jeans. I want to see my facial bone structure again, and I am slowly getting there! It feels pretty bad-ass actually:)

Coming from a person who felt like a total hottie at 200 lbs, well, confidence has never been an issue, health , however, has gotten worse as my weight went up, and I cant wait to get rid of all these aches and pains!!