Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clutch Love

I recently asked other Etsyers to share their blogs with me. I received many lovely responses with many amazing blogs, and I stumbled into the lovely little shop belonging to Elisabeth
Look at these gorgeous versatile clutches! I love them, they are made out of vintage skirts. I am just dying to carry one of these out to dinner with one of my new fall outfits.

Taking Control of my Weight!

I Joined Weight Watchers.
I have had it just about up to here with my eating habits...
You know how most people gain weight when they are stressed? Well I usually lose when I am stressed and gain when I am perfectly happy.... Lately I have been eating every two hours in an attempt to speed up my metabolism, and it does seem to be
working very very slowly, but it's not enough. I need to be more mindful of what I eat.
So the need for balance is definitely there, plus I am a latte' addict, and I LOVE chips, cheese and chocolate...
I decided, it is time to sign up and to ATTEND the weekly meetings.

I will post some before pics, and keep a log of my progress.
I am an active person. But I am indulgant. I eat what I want when I want it. No holds barred. I just love food and I can still
LOVE food.
This morning I had 1/2 of a toasted cheese croissant, and a cup of whole milk coffee and have only used 3 of the 23 points I am alloted for the day. AND I get 35 flex points to use in the week, however I want to use them!

The trick here, I believe is attending the meetings having some accountability
(cause Lord knows I will eat when and whatever I want) . But with the meetings, you are sharing the path with others
who have the same goal, and it's soo helpful and inspiring to
have that support and dialogue for motivation.

Wish me luck, better yet, JOIN ME!
Right now the eTools are free for a 7 day trial and man it is handy!

Thats me in the middle in black. This photo was taken in August! I will post others as time goes on.

Babies Galore:)


Adorable accessories and hand sewn tees! Awwwww.....

Little hand sewn octopus! Look at their prices! Super affordable!

I admit, I plead guilty, to wandering the baby sections both in the stores and on Etsy. Giddily oggling at all the adorable cute little baby creations that are sprawling across the shops and stores, all the cute little tiny detailed girly outfits or the tiny little boy sweat suits....Its the size 0-3 months that just gets me! SOO TINY!
And the stuff they come up with is just too cute!

The stuff above, too friggin adorable that even my Daughter goes crazy over them...
They are by Flying Frog Apparel on etsy..

Last week I realized I might be slightly obsessed or my bio-clock is ticking for another baby, either way, these handmade baby goodies are adorable!

I also spotted this awesome shop cradlewillrock whose items are amazing!
I dont know about you all but I know about ten pregnant people and about 3 newborns. So I am going to get my SHOP ON!
Look at these cuuuuute dresses!

I ABSOLUTELY love the funky handmade burp cloths in this shop. Who needs another boring white or ivory or baby blue burp rag.. These are fun and funky and I adore this shop it reminds me of my own with the fun funky vibe:) Cool! Check them out!!!

Remember x-mas is coming, so get ready. Not better way to shop, than to support people who make this stuff by hand! Instead of always shopping at huge department stores, support some tiny businesses to help them get up and running. Their items are usually more personal, unique and have fine little details and differences that only a handmade item can have.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Need I say more... Anthropologie has some beautiful soft and luscious fall pieces.

Fall Back

Fall Back by IndigoWC featuring Alexis Bittar jewelry

Is there anyone out there that has not heard of Polyvore?
It is a website that allows you to search amongst millions of websites, by item, and then place all your lovely finds in one awesome collage. You can get creative and artistic with your collage and when you click on any of the items within it, or any other collage or (SET is what they call them on the site) You can can see store information, price, and any other details you might need. It is soo much fun and a great shopping tool!

Vegan Goodies -Tested and Loved

Okay so I dont eat meat.. Well, not much atleast. I gave up meat two years ago now. I am a pescotarian, I eat fish and shellfish. Once in a blue moon I will have a crazed craving for some meat, and I do believe sometimes when we have a vitamin deficiency, our cravings might indicate what we need.

However, during my meat-free experiences, I have come across some fantastic meatless options that are DELICIOUS and very flavorful!

For instance, there is this woman on Etsy, her shop is named

She conjurs up magical meatleass goodies such as Vegan Country Fried Chicken Cutlets. Check them out!


Another fantastic vegan goody is vegan golden crispy lumpia, by MidoriSola... Who just also happens to be ME! Midori is my old shop, but will soon only have vegan items available for sale, and all jewelry will be sold on my PlayLisst etsy store. These lumpia are a delicious and meatless hit. IN FACT people go so crazy over them I have been asked to sell them regularly. So, I am going to start frying a huge batch up and selling them at the park. I mean while I am chillen at the park, why not fulfill peoples lumpia cravings?

Now for your vegan sweet tooth, and without sacrificing any taste whatsoever.. A friend of mine bought and shared these amazing cupcakes. MOUTH WATERING and delicious!! They are made by TheCupCakeMint. I personally tried the peanut butter ones and OMG. I had to run in the other directions FAST cause all my healthy diet rules left me and I was GRUBBIN! They are heaven, and to be honest they arent horrible for you at all. Its just that I dont like to just have 1:)

The earrings above are from my very own etsy shop Playlisst.
All my pieces are unique, and affordable!
Check out my shop

Monday, September 28, 2009


What the heck happened to the summer? Where did it go? One second, I am perusing boutiques for a nice summer dress and some tanks and suddenly I am throwing on my Uggs and searching the net for a Halloween Costume and requesting time off for Christmas vacation! Holy Cow!
Well- that also reminds me of that huge shopping monster in the closet that most people prepare for months in advance. Like my lovely friend Sooz, who has already FINISHED her Christmas shopping, as of like June! Or my Mom who will either accidentally give me things I have already given her, combined with some handmade goodies, she too, is done with Christmas shopping. Instead of taking the easy road, I, so ms. last minute, like to wait until Christmas Eve.

Because I love the insane lines, grumpy people and the challenge of having to find lovely sentimental heart felt gifts in a store with only two items lefton each shelf.

Oh the joy.

Okay, this year I'll do it right. I am going to be prepared!

I have found several FANTASTIC gift ideas for the Holidays this year and I want to share them with you!

1. Coffee Mug Sleeves!!! OH CRAP THESE ARE CUTE!!

Reusable, so you can save some trees and oh how stylish.. I love it!

The sleeves below are made by PinkGasoline

Note- you can also have them embroidered and personalized.. Rediculously cool.

Also by PinkGasoline, is this lovely "that time of the month" little handy purse. Now you can look like your going to the bathroom with a descreet little makeup bag when it's really your personal artillery of femme weapons!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lovely Purses

I love the colors in this purse and the colors that BagsByColette

uses in her lovely purses designs. I like to put a ton of stuff in my purses.
So I prefer the thicker strapped pleaded hobo bag.
Her bags are gorgeous, sturdy, durable, and fun!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Relax. Breath in Deeply... Find Your Center.

You are having one of those days at the office.
Someone somewhere is giving you grief.
You are feeling frazzled, out of patience, and out of time.
You need to chill.
For real.
So you check out these sites, to help you maintain your calm and cool.

If you visit DailyOm, be sure to sign up for their free courses. You can choose to pay whatever it is you can afford, whether that be $1.00 or $100.00

DailyOm offers courses in balancing your chakras ( different points in your body that harvest energy)
Healing with Ayurveda (the different elements esternal and internal that create balance inthe universe and within your body and spirit)

Effortless Prosperity, was created by a man named Bijan in February of 1997. It was immediately changing the lives of people anywhere, with his teachings of recieving the abundance that the universe has to offer to all of us. It is a way to heal your mind, heart, and relationships by "changing negative beliefs about ourselves into positive ones and being receptive to the limitles benefits the Universe has to offer."

There are daily lessons for 30 days. Each lesson is a different inspirational and practical technique to actively change your views from negative to positive.

You must try it, for one month, share it with friends and family it will change your life!
Click on tab that says Daily Lessons.

It sounds like allot, and you may not believe in this stuff, but trust me, if you are at all interested in them, or even interested in finding different ways to feel happy, balanced, peaceful, and calm. You should check these websites out.

Things I LOVE

Look at this amazing bag I found on
This woman makes gorgeous bags that are sturdy, earthy, and multi-functional.
I was especially inspired by these, because the purse is large, and I LOVE to tote around large purses. (I mean hello, I have to carry around my journal, vitamins,make-up bag, face spritzer, and so on and so forth). The matching wallet and key holder is adorable don't you agree?

Here shop name is LBArtworks

Check her out!

Join Me on My Path to Weight Loss and a Healthy Spirit

Everything in my life seems to be lovely and happy, except for my weight.
I began to really pack on the pound at the onset of a less than great relationship, which I shed three years ago, but I kept the weight. I think I began coping with the confusion, with food. Plus I love food. So I wasn;t exactly fighting this natural reaction to stress.

I have suffered some loss in the passed couple of years and I did turn to food. I am confident that my coping skills, and my spirit and my heart have recovered quite a bit and I am ready for a new me.

My friends and family, my children and my sweetie, are all fantastic support people in my life. It is because of their love that I am such a strong woman.

I realized just how much weight I did put on, when I saw some pictures of myself, taken at a concert. I looked soo swollen and puffy that you couldn't see my pretty face! It looked like my skin was being pulled thin cause my face was too swollen. Yes I said it, God made me and don't make mistakes so I am beautiful, just like you.

I also had a conversation with my son who also happens to think I am superbly beeeauutiful, bless his swweet self, but he has definitely noticed the weight. We talked about weight, and how you put it on easy but work hard to get it back off, and I told him how I was in such good shape when Teihani ( my daughter was a baby). he saw pictures of me and acted all shocked and amazed. Then he said Mom, look at this picture you look soo pretty! You look like a different person, you were soo thin, what happened?" He caught himself and changed his wording out of fear he would hurt my feelings. I had to take a moment to reflect on his last words though "what happened?"

I realized what did happen and it was that food had become my comfort. I love to eat, but I was eating late at night, or even when I wasn't hungry, I was eating allot, and would always make excuses like, I will eat less tomorrow.

I got up to 190 pounds. I am 5'2".

I did get down to 175 but that's where I stayed. For two years.
THEN last year, I started running, but it was hard on my knees and body, I lost another 10 pounds in only three months.

However, even though I have done capoeira, running,, and yoga, I couldn't loose the weight because my eating habits were horrible!

However, I must reiterate, all this time I still felt good. I felt like a hot sexy beast at 175 and still do!
But then, I see the photos, and aaaaaargh. Who is that? I don't look like a hot sexy beast, I don't reflect my insides, on my outside, and that is painful to see!

So I ask you, my dear fellow blog reader, to join me on this weight loss challenge.
How much do you want to lose?
What is your goal?

Maybe we can help inspire each other to be the beautiful goddesses that we on the inside. We gotta let that inner beauty shine like it wants to! We have to treat our bodies well, and love ourselves, and get strong and healthy.

What's your plan?

Mine is to walk or run at least 30 minutes daily.
That's where I'll start.
I am also very much considering joining WeightWatchers.
Anyoene out there have some experience with it??

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

OH How I miss thee...