Friday, March 30, 2012

Bi-Lingual AND Bi-Cultural Family (ASL and Spoken English)

When I bring up cochlear implants combined with ASL to other people in our circle of parents, I feel resistance when it comes to raising Micah to be bi-lingual and bi-cultural, but why?

If we DO get them cochlear implants, why can't we teach him speech and ASL?
Why can't he grow up to be part of both worlds?

Why do we have to choose, one, or the other?

It is very surprising to me.

I feel like it is up to us, to make sure he is immersed in both worlds, so he can be part of both communities both cultures.

I know this takes allot of work, ASL class and speech habilitation, but we are up for it.
If that is the route we choose.
We aren't looking for any easy route, we want what is best for Micah.
If that means double/triple the classes for us as well, so be it.

There isn't anything I wouldn't do to make sure Micah has exposure to both worlds and cultures so that he can thrive in both.

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