Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Girls

You learn new things every day!

I finally went in for a bra fitting at Nordies... I didnt know you have to get butt friggin naked in front of your little dressing room helper, but the end result was amazing, I finally know my real bra size! I have been fitted before, but I dont think the other fittings were accurate, I still spill out of my bras and nursing bras, but after this fitting, I learned that

1)  My girls are much BIGGER than I thought!!
2) If your strap slips it doesnt mean your measurement is too big, it just means your cup size is oFF!
3) ELOMI bras are the best. Period. Even the nursing bras rock.

Now, I feel soo much more comfortable, it takes some digging to find Elomi bras that aren't over 70 bucks. I have already spent hundreds on new bras, so now I dig onlien for coupon codes and bra sales.

Today I ordered an Elomi strapless, I haven't been able to wear a strapless in years, we shall see if I am finally able to wear one in Vegas in a few weeks:)

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