Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quality of LIFE

To many hearing people I come across. the decision to get a cochlear implant seems obvious. To them.  When I express my feelings around the implant and my feelings against them. I am met with strong feelings about Micah's quality of life.

But. here's how I feel about my sons naturally beautiful birthright to be Deaf.

  • Why are hearing people soo sure that hearing sound is more quality than the visual world of the Deaf person?
  • My sons is a happy functioning baby, he has exposure to communication and language, SIGN language. Why is it soo important to speak and fit into the mainstream world of the hearing?
  • To those of you who dont understand why I quickly jump to the defense of how Deaf life is  fulfilling and is enough, remember I am Micah's advocate, his Mother, his biggest fan and his voice when he doesn't have one. If I wont fight for my son's rights who will?
  • I feel alone. I feel like no one understands my protective instincts. I need to meet other people like me. Why am I finding that soo many people who implant their children, do not sign with them, or educate them about Deaf cutlure and the beautiful community they were born into naturally?
Here is my message to Micah:

My dear, beautiful breathtaking son. You are absolutely beautiful the way that you. Your Dad and I have never seen such a happy  and gorgeous baby boy. Your sister and brothers are crazy about you, just they way you are now, today. Deaf.

You are such a lovebug with such a big personality. You are clear about your needs, and we are learning to communicate with you in your natural languages, touch, visually, and  ASL. We love your language and soo does the rest of the family. Because we love you and respect the cutlture and community you were already a part of the day you were born. Micah, you are Gods child, you don't need to "fit" intop anyone elses expectations of what a quality of life should be like, you ARE the quality of life.

My beautiful boy, I dont want to change anything about you at all. I will, however, give you opportunities if I feel they are something you might want to explore in life and have the option to choose or not to choose.

If we decide to get the implant, I need you to understand that it is only because we want you to have Opportunities. You do with themwhatever you choose. If someday we do get implants, we got them as a family, and if we choose not to get the implant, we make that decision as a family and we will all support you either way and we will always do everything we possibly can to meet all of your needs and give you ever bit of support that we can. We love you more then you will ever know. Whatever decision we do make, is one out of love, and this is definitely the hardest decison I have ever had to make in my lifetime. I love you Micah Jose Nahale Israel. You are my heart, and your smile is my world.

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