Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Micah Jose' Update

Micah Joe is such a funny little guy:) He is full of personality, he is vocal, and his signing is getting better and better each day.

He signs milk, Mom, Dad, want, up, and a few other signs that are emerging and he sometimes mixes sign. I have videos I need to post. He is such a little ball of joy and energy. I am so crazy about this kid and as you can imagine we all are;)

Micah has a new nanny, her name is Hope. He adores her and her boyfriend Casey, they both attend signing class on Mondays and are doing great!

I Loved our other nanny but I just couldnt afford to keep wonderful her.. Which made me sad but Hope is great too and much more affordable. Plus she brings Micah on adventures almost daily and is on the same diet as him so is able to cook things he can eat and knows what to purchase for him to eat when they are out and about.

OH! How could I forget, Micah started walking on New Years Eve!!! Now he is all over the place! He is even running:) He punches his arms about as he walks, it is pretty funny:)

We will find out from two cardiologists if Micahs heart is okay for surgery incase we consider the implant. We are getting two opinions before we decide what to do. I have been told that Childrens specializes in anesthesia for special needs and complications but I have so many questions......

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