Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Micah coming in only 1 week at 2 days! Yowza!

The final count down! I can hear the back ground music playing as the end approaches.
My emotions are mixed, part of me wants him to stay safe in Mommy's belly, the other part of me wants him to ease up off my aching body parts!
Above and beyond any ache or pain, is the excitement to meet and to hold and to smell, this pudgy cheeked little angel!

I am finding that I am super sensitive, and snuggly right now. I want what I want when I want it, but really I dont want much.

I love time with my family and holding little Taylor in my arms. Can't wait for him to meet his uncle!

Life is good, and it makes me sad when people around me, dont appreciate or see the beauty that surrounds us! It is everywhere just inhale it!

I feel overwhelmed with baby joy, as my beautiful family grows:) Awwww this is the good life:)

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