Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pregnant Capoerista- Batizado Time! 8 months pregz

Despite my aches and pains, allowing my body to move, actually feels good. It is the slow movements, or the resting that hurts the most! Can you believe my most painful time of day is at night when I lay down. Suddenly I can feel every aching part of my body and it is miserable! My Rico, is so wonderful to me, he just wants to "fix" it. He does everything he can, only to end up going to sleep feeling defeated by my back aches, but his trying, sure is the sweetest thing ever. Our capoeira group is having our Batizado this week.

All throughout pregnancy, I have trained sporadically and continued to play when I can, at home or in the park.
Last time I played in front of a group, people came up to me after wards to shake my hand and tell me how amazing it was to see someone sooo pregnant, train. I didn't realize it was soo unusual..
I felt amazing.

Even with my belly semi in my way of some of my favorite kicks:)
I got news today, that I have the green light to attend all Batizado festivities!
I am ecstatic, but I am not expecting too much of myself.

The bottom line is,
I am going to take it really easy. If I can't do a thing, I will just face that I can't do the thing! Respect my body Listen to my body Hope Micah is in the belly enjoying the drums and movements.

AND if he does decide to pop out during the festivities, well then it will be the most special Batizado ever:)

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