Monday, October 22, 2012

20 lbs DOWN!! Woot Woot!!!!

Okay so, I am down 20 lbs, and 2-3 pant sizes!  There are a few parts that play a big role in my weight loss journey:

  1. 10-30 minutes  a day of calisthenics (push ups, sit ups, etc.)
  2. 10-60 minutes a day of cardio
  3. Support of my friends on my fitness Facebook group called Fujitawellness- Bootycampers ( a group of people on the same journey as I am:) We motivate eachother and share information regarding fitness, health and nutrition. (TO DIE for paleo recipes!)
  5. Cellucor Super HD before my workouts
  6. Eating as clean as I can (cutting down on processed foods)
  7. Tons of water, 8 glasses a day at the very least!

This is me when I started the journey: 203 lbs

This is me about 10 weeks later at 183 lbs:

Chopped the hair off!
I have quite a way to go, BUT I have more energy, my knee hurts less, as well as my lower back! My middle is going waay down, and I have lost some boob (believe it or not lol) my bras are loose and I just invested a pretty penny in new bras, now I have to do it again!!! I am wearing a size 13/14 now, I was in a 16... My feet got a tad bit smaller, and my back rolls are waaaaay down too LOL.  I am loving this:) I feel better every day. My goal isnt a number though, I just want to keep going until I feel healthy!
OH and I havent touched a "social" cigarette for a month now:) LOVE LOVE LOVE all around:) This is gonna be gooooooooood:)

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