Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finding time for YOU

We are sisters moms managers writers teachers nurses entrepeneurs pots cooks maids designers dreamers lovers and miracle workers How in the midst of it all, do we find time for ourselves? Making time to do, what keeps you balanced, and happy and sane, may feel self involved, but it is self development self-esteem is built with the little shiny blocks of self-love. Do you give yourself time to enjoy yourself, be with yourself, and love yourself! You will be a better person for it. What are some ways you spend time loving yourself? One of my favorites, is a hot bubble bath, with a DVD and a glass of plum wine. I spend all the time I want, grooming, pampering and treating myself, and just being alone with me. I allow all the stress to fall away and melt away and I just feel in love with the person, the being, the spirit, and the stillness within me.

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