Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mustering up some "fashion-give-a-shit"

Thanks to inspiration from Ms. Mercado- I am going to devote an extra few minutes each day to muster up some fashion give-a-shit.

Cause I apparently removed my finger from the pulse of fashion quite some time ago, and replaced my give-a-shit edginess with

Umm- grey. Light grey, dark grey, black, dark blue denim, more denim, and more GREY. Some brown, some green, yeah….mostly grey.

My daughter kept saying to me that I needed to be more funky and my son told me to wear COLORS. I was like why? Then he said how about red Mom, or blue? I pointed to my stripe socks hiding under my wide legs, “there’s your red and blue”.

So I bought some converse, thinking that might add a little casual funk.

Didn't do the trick apparently. So I bought black casual boots, a couple belts to strap around and adorn my lose cardigans. But I never wear them. So, I bought some bright rain boots, a fedora and skinny jeans. Okay, so there is my start.

What about white cotton organic v-neck tees?

What about a cute green blazer on top of that organic v-neck tee?

What about some black skinnies and my favorite brown boots with that blazer and v-neck tee?

What about colorful tunics galore to wear with my skinny jeans or thick pencil jeggings and my boots and long cardigan? I can keep my favorite color (grey) in the key pieces like the cardigan,

as long as I add some color to the top.

The idea here is color and contrast, complimentary contrast.

Bearing in mind that the clothes on those darn mannequins dont exactly fall that way on women with SHAPE such as myself.. I just have to find the right SHAPE of clothing.

Not an easy task I might add, but if you have a great 12 year old shopping buddy like my daughter, it helps to have a second set of eyes and some coffee:)

This is day one folks, work with me here:)

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