Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Leaf

In an effort to begin a new health regimen, I have been inspired by friends, like Jeni Fujita and Edgar P. and their photos of delicious HEALTHY food.

How many other people out there think of disgusting bitter greens, expensive grocery shopping (i.e. Whole Foods, for the good organic stuff) not to mention hwo difficult it is to think up a yummy meal with these ingredients that cost an arm and a leg. Well, time to get creative people, like a child in a 3rd grade cooking class.

It's not hard to do.

Wednesday was my first healthy experiment.
I made a ginger garlic spinach soup with chicken breast and a little rice, cost under 20.00, for a giant pot.

Today, I went to our closest cafe, grabbed two giant lettuce leaves, and stuffed each with some tuna, capers, a pickle, and a little bit of dijon. TO DIE FOR! (inspired by Edgar's lettuce "blunts")

I admit, it left me a little hungry, so maybe I would get three lettuce pieces next time.
Guilt free, creative gifts.

I think with a little child-like creativity, we can really create some delicious healthy snacks, without the expensive cookbooks, or diet plans, just with our own minds and with the intent of bringing love, and health to our bodies through natural delicious food.

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