Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dedicated to MY Giants

I had a conversation with a friend at work, regarding a movement of celebrating the "Giant's" in our lives who lifted us up over our obstacles and made drastic differences in the essence of all that we are.

These giants are friends, family, anyone who comes into our life and leaves us more elevated then when we first met them.

These are the people you know, have your best interest as their goal, and they are determined to celebrate your overcoming trials rather than celebrate your trials. People that remind you of your potential, and of your light and being.

Many times throughout my life, I wondered why I was so empowered, filled with strength, love and courage. I didn't understand why my spirit didn't match my circumstances.

I survived so much pain and in the midst of it, felt like something soo much bigger than the struggle, was meant for me, waiting for me.

I realize this is due to my GIANTS! OH and I have many:)

My Father the person who reminds me that laughter is key to happiness and that family comes first, always.
GOD for having big plans for me since day 1.
Leah - for always believing that I am so much bigger than I realize.
My Daughter Teihani - the one who thinks the world of me and makes me laugh, and inspires me to thrive to be a better person every day because she has the biggest heart I have ever seen in my life.
My Mom her kindness, her innocence and her story of survival and struggle
My Soul Sister Suzanne: For her listening ear, advice, and her voice of reason and strength
My Big Sister Thao: For being one I can tell any and everything to and who I can call at 4:10 in the morning and she will be there no matter what.
The Love of my Life- Rico: no matter what we struggle through he will always be the love of my life and the one who gets me.
Capoeira: it brought me through the passing of my ex, through sad days, through physical and health problems, it gave so much to our lives I will forever be indebted to Capoeira and they friends we met along the way.
Jason B: God's soldier who is like a Brother to me, who is always there when I need a listening ear or a person to pray with.
Elijah: Whos belief in what LOVE and Family is, inspires me everyday to be the glue that bonds my family together. Never have I met a young man soo vigilant for what FAMILY means, because he is deeply dedicated to his son and future wife.

To be continued.......

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