Thursday, May 16, 2013

Who Am I?? By: Teihani Nataliah Cruz

                                    Who Am I?

I am Teihani Nataliah Cruz

Child of the free raging winds.

And deep glistening ocean.

Born and raised in Seattle by Wendy Cruz,

A beautiful Polynesian goddess and loving mother of three.

I am the granddaughter of Sandra Lee Kataoka.

An astoundingly resilient woman who will do everything in her power

To keep the people around her smiling.

I am the courageous older sibling of Micah Jose Israel

Who carries an intelligent soul that shines through his glowing smile,

And never fails to brighten my dull day.

My smiling cocoa eyes reflect the beaming hot sun

And my beautifully imperfect skin blends in with the tone of

Sun kissed caramel.

My curvy legs move to the beat of Brazilian drums

As words of wisdom escape my mind,

Quickly falling like the colorful leaves of fall.

I proudly stand at five feet tall,

With my head held so high I can look upon the

Rotating earth beneath me.

I am able to visibly imagine a brighter future

As I give every bit of strength into putting my dreams in action.

My vibrant senses instantly feel the pounding rhythm of my


And the smooth touch of my fingers,

Spinning records that are guaranteed to keep the club live.

My mighty integrity is a trait passed down by my mother

And has never left my side throughout my existence.

The painful obstacles I’ve fought through in life

Have led me down the path to becoming the

Amazingly strong willed human I am today.

I live to watch the nature evolve around me

Along with the growth of myself and others.

I live for the freedom of speech,

And improvement of self-respect

Among teenagers just like me.

I live for my family, dreams,

And peace among the earth.

I was born a blessed child of god

With undiscovered powers that have been

Passed down through generations.

I am Teihani Nataliah Cruz.

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