Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Babies Galore:)


Adorable accessories and hand sewn tees! Awwwww.....

Little hand sewn octopus! Look at their prices! Super affordable!

I admit, I plead guilty, to wandering the baby sections both in the stores and on Etsy. Giddily oggling at all the adorable cute little baby creations that are sprawling across the shops and stores, all the cute little tiny detailed girly outfits or the tiny little boy sweat suits....Its the size 0-3 months that just gets me! SOO TINY!
And the stuff they come up with is just too cute!

The stuff above, too friggin adorable that even my Daughter goes crazy over them...
They are by Flying Frog Apparel on etsy..

Last week I realized I might be slightly obsessed or my bio-clock is ticking for another baby, either way, these handmade baby goodies are adorable!

I also spotted this awesome shop cradlewillrock whose items are amazing!
I dont know about you all but I know about ten pregnant people and about 3 newborns. So I am going to get my SHOP ON!
Look at these cuuuuute dresses!

I ABSOLUTELY love the funky handmade burp cloths in this shop. Who needs another boring white or ivory or baby blue burp rag.. These are fun and funky and I adore this shop it reminds me of my own with the fun funky vibe:) Cool! Check them out!!!

Remember x-mas is coming, so get ready. Not better way to shop, than to support people who make this stuff by hand! Instead of always shopping at huge department stores, support some tiny businesses to help them get up and running. Their items are usually more personal, unique and have fine little details and differences that only a handmade item can have.

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