Thursday, September 10, 2009

Relax. Breath in Deeply... Find Your Center.

You are having one of those days at the office.
Someone somewhere is giving you grief.
You are feeling frazzled, out of patience, and out of time.
You need to chill.
For real.
So you check out these sites, to help you maintain your calm and cool.

If you visit DailyOm, be sure to sign up for their free courses. You can choose to pay whatever it is you can afford, whether that be $1.00 or $100.00

DailyOm offers courses in balancing your chakras ( different points in your body that harvest energy)
Healing with Ayurveda (the different elements esternal and internal that create balance inthe universe and within your body and spirit)

Effortless Prosperity, was created by a man named Bijan in February of 1997. It was immediately changing the lives of people anywhere, with his teachings of recieving the abundance that the universe has to offer to all of us. It is a way to heal your mind, heart, and relationships by "changing negative beliefs about ourselves into positive ones and being receptive to the limitles benefits the Universe has to offer."

There are daily lessons for 30 days. Each lesson is a different inspirational and practical technique to actively change your views from negative to positive.

You must try it, for one month, share it with friends and family it will change your life!
Click on tab that says Daily Lessons.

It sounds like allot, and you may not believe in this stuff, but trust me, if you are at all interested in them, or even interested in finding different ways to feel happy, balanced, peaceful, and calm. You should check these websites out.

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