Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vegan Goodies -Tested and Loved

Okay so I dont eat meat.. Well, not much atleast. I gave up meat two years ago now. I am a pescotarian, I eat fish and shellfish. Once in a blue moon I will have a crazed craving for some meat, and I do believe sometimes when we have a vitamin deficiency, our cravings might indicate what we need.

However, during my meat-free experiences, I have come across some fantastic meatless options that are DELICIOUS and very flavorful!

For instance, there is this woman on Etsy, her shop is named

She conjurs up magical meatleass goodies such as Vegan Country Fried Chicken Cutlets. Check them out!


Another fantastic vegan goody is vegan golden crispy lumpia, by MidoriSola... Who just also happens to be ME! Midori is my old shop, but will soon only have vegan items available for sale, and all jewelry will be sold on my PlayLisst etsy store. These lumpia are a delicious and meatless hit. IN FACT people go so crazy over them I have been asked to sell them regularly. So, I am going to start frying a huge batch up and selling them at the park. I mean while I am chillen at the park, why not fulfill peoples lumpia cravings?

Now for your vegan sweet tooth, and without sacrificing any taste whatsoever.. A friend of mine bought and shared these amazing cupcakes. MOUTH WATERING and delicious!! They are made by TheCupCakeMint. I personally tried the peanut butter ones and OMG. I had to run in the other directions FAST cause all my healthy diet rules left me and I was GRUBBIN! They are heaven, and to be honest they arent horrible for you at all. Its just that I dont like to just have 1:)

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