Monday, September 28, 2009


What the heck happened to the summer? Where did it go? One second, I am perusing boutiques for a nice summer dress and some tanks and suddenly I am throwing on my Uggs and searching the net for a Halloween Costume and requesting time off for Christmas vacation! Holy Cow!
Well- that also reminds me of that huge shopping monster in the closet that most people prepare for months in advance. Like my lovely friend Sooz, who has already FINISHED her Christmas shopping, as of like June! Or my Mom who will either accidentally give me things I have already given her, combined with some handmade goodies, she too, is done with Christmas shopping. Instead of taking the easy road, I, so ms. last minute, like to wait until Christmas Eve.

Because I love the insane lines, grumpy people and the challenge of having to find lovely sentimental heart felt gifts in a store with only two items lefton each shelf.

Oh the joy.

Okay, this year I'll do it right. I am going to be prepared!

I have found several FANTASTIC gift ideas for the Holidays this year and I want to share them with you!

1. Coffee Mug Sleeves!!! OH CRAP THESE ARE CUTE!!

Reusable, so you can save some trees and oh how stylish.. I love it!

The sleeves below are made by PinkGasoline

Note- you can also have them embroidered and personalized.. Rediculously cool.

Also by PinkGasoline, is this lovely "that time of the month" little handy purse. Now you can look like your going to the bathroom with a descreet little makeup bag when it's really your personal artillery of femme weapons!

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