Thursday, September 10, 2009

Join Me on My Path to Weight Loss and a Healthy Spirit

Everything in my life seems to be lovely and happy, except for my weight.
I began to really pack on the pound at the onset of a less than great relationship, which I shed three years ago, but I kept the weight. I think I began coping with the confusion, with food. Plus I love food. So I wasn;t exactly fighting this natural reaction to stress.

I have suffered some loss in the passed couple of years and I did turn to food. I am confident that my coping skills, and my spirit and my heart have recovered quite a bit and I am ready for a new me.

My friends and family, my children and my sweetie, are all fantastic support people in my life. It is because of their love that I am such a strong woman.

I realized just how much weight I did put on, when I saw some pictures of myself, taken at a concert. I looked soo swollen and puffy that you couldn't see my pretty face! It looked like my skin was being pulled thin cause my face was too swollen. Yes I said it, God made me and don't make mistakes so I am beautiful, just like you.

I also had a conversation with my son who also happens to think I am superbly beeeauutiful, bless his swweet self, but he has definitely noticed the weight. We talked about weight, and how you put it on easy but work hard to get it back off, and I told him how I was in such good shape when Teihani ( my daughter was a baby). he saw pictures of me and acted all shocked and amazed. Then he said Mom, look at this picture you look soo pretty! You look like a different person, you were soo thin, what happened?" He caught himself and changed his wording out of fear he would hurt my feelings. I had to take a moment to reflect on his last words though "what happened?"

I realized what did happen and it was that food had become my comfort. I love to eat, but I was eating late at night, or even when I wasn't hungry, I was eating allot, and would always make excuses like, I will eat less tomorrow.

I got up to 190 pounds. I am 5'2".

I did get down to 175 but that's where I stayed. For two years.
THEN last year, I started running, but it was hard on my knees and body, I lost another 10 pounds in only three months.

However, even though I have done capoeira, running,, and yoga, I couldn't loose the weight because my eating habits were horrible!

However, I must reiterate, all this time I still felt good. I felt like a hot sexy beast at 175 and still do!
But then, I see the photos, and aaaaaargh. Who is that? I don't look like a hot sexy beast, I don't reflect my insides, on my outside, and that is painful to see!

So I ask you, my dear fellow blog reader, to join me on this weight loss challenge.
How much do you want to lose?
What is your goal?

Maybe we can help inspire each other to be the beautiful goddesses that we on the inside. We gotta let that inner beauty shine like it wants to! We have to treat our bodies well, and love ourselves, and get strong and healthy.

What's your plan?

Mine is to walk or run at least 30 minutes daily.
That's where I'll start.
I am also very much considering joining WeightWatchers.
Anyoene out there have some experience with it??

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