Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Capoeirista Mami

Capoeira Capoeira Capoeira Capoeira:)

Last night Teihani and I went to Renton to join a mixed class group for training and an
open roda.

It felt amazing to train, I even went in the roda. Did some cartwheels (A'us) and al kinds of kicks and esquivas. It felt great, of course it did , capoeira is essential to the happiness of my soul. When I have to stay away for long periods, I feel all sorts of out of balance.

The only difference in my game, was my instinct to back away from my opponent rather then the up close game I usually play. Have to protect the belly, but once I started to realize I had more control
I'm not too sore today and I felt only a tiny bit nauseated.

Here are the perks, this way combined with yoga, I can really (try to ) keep my prego-bod in shape!
AND baby gets to learn about capoeira super early as she is hearing the drums, singing and music from inside my tum tum.

Do believe I will be having my tiny little capoeirista training as soon as she can walk:)
Or maybe HE? I did have 2 dreams already that I had a Micah, instead of an Amaleha. So maybe that's a sign?? Either way, I cant wait to kiss and smell baby cheeks! l

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