Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm such a UTI chicken!

So, last weekend we went to San Francisco.

When we were about an hour into the flight, I felt this crazy urge to go to the restroom, when I did, at the tail end I thought I was breaking in two! There was an intense pain in my lower abdomen, and I gripped the walls of that tiny friggen bathroom and almost screamed. What I had was the result of holding my pee too long for the nights before. Cause I got soo tired of running to the bathroom 5 times a night.
I cherish my sleep, and my constant urge to run to the toilet was messing with my beauty rest.
End result, the first Bladder Infection of my 33 years of LIFE.
A very common thing during pregnancy....

So first thing I did when we landed was call my doctor.
NOTE TO SELF: If you have to leave a voice always leave your name and birth date, or no one will know who they heck you are. Lesson learned.

I ended up leaving a mystery message about having a UTI and when the nurse called me back (message which I got AFTER biz hours on a Friday) she reminded me that she couldn't pass on the message cause she didn't know who I was.
DUH!!!! So after kicking myself a few times -
I drank the nastiest cranberry juice on EARTH, and took some cystex. After 3 days, it finally got better. But those three days were some of the worst of my life, oh, and they were
the days of my vacation.
Luckily, the smiles of my lovely friends and family distracted me somewhat from my UTI and highly emotional self. (Example: on our road trip down to Gilroy I cried for about 25 minutes, on the down low, you know looking out the window hoping no one notices, because I felt bad for all the cows that I could see roaming their pastures unaware of their inevitable fate).
What? I am an animal softy....

Somehow though my daughter ALWAYS knows if I have been crying. I told her it was allergies, not to lie but to not start thinking about the animals again!

Long story short, never holding my pee again, ever.. Cuz I am officially a UTI chicken!

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