Monday, March 21, 2011

First Cri-mester is Over! Woo hooo!

I know it's supposed to be trimester but it has really been an awful couple of months. Hopefully ths 2nd trimester will bring with it, some normal feeling days! Fewer head aches, less nausea, an appetite and a libido. TMI?

So maybe, with the passing of this AWFUL morning sickness, I can re-gain focus on my creative aspirations.



Jewelry Making

And Lumpia catering

It's time to get the ball rolling! Much to do, and hopefully I will now have the energy to make it all happen.

Oh here are the specs on the baby this week:)
She is the size of a big lemon now.. How precious! My sweet little lemon:)

I can feel her move already! Tiny little fluttering thumps on the inside of my lower tummy.

It is a miracle, new life.

I marvel each day at what miracles are happening in my body.
I am in Awww of the magic of it all.

I was snuggling Teihani and she told me she couldn't wait to have a baby brother or sister, it melts me how sweet she is with babies! She is a gentle nurturing love. She will be a tremendous helping hand. I am lucky to have the family that I have:) Might not be conventional, but it's just right for me:)

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