Thursday, May 5, 2011

21 weeks

I am 21 weeks along now, and Micah is kicking and moving and very active in the belly:)

He goes up by my ribs, down by my lower abodomen, and to the side and sometimes right up front right in the middle, like he is now. I can feel him, I am not sure what parts of him I am touching but it feels like a shoulder or his butt:)

The doctor says that he is likely to be stuck in a breech position, because of some random lining in my uterus that might be stopping him from moving to the upside down position. I sure hope my boy has enough room to move around in there!

I can't wait to meet him! To hug him and smell his cheek.. To nuzzle his face.
To comfort him..

I dream of him all the time.
After having children and loving them with every ounce of my life, it is hard to imagine feeling that immense love all over again, and I am soo looking forward to guiding another life. It is

He is going to have one huge, and loving family and also a few relatives that are his age, baby Mason, baby Austin, and baby Leland.

Lately I feel good, I have days where I feel like I am riding an emotional roller coaster without a seat belt. But overall I feel good. I feel loved, and my family is good to me. My hunny, is soo good to me. I can't imagine what I would do
without him.
He is my rock.
He keeps me grounded and sane and he is so tender and supportive. Like a dream come true!

New house is warm and cozy, still unpacking but it feels right for our
growing family.

We are all healthy, we are all alive and life is good:)

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