Thursday, May 26, 2011

24 Weeks!

24 Weeks!!!

I am officially in my 6th month of pregnancy!
I can't even believe I only have 3 more months.
It sort of makes me sad to think of him outside of his safe little liquid haven.
I love feeling him move, and hiccup and just be, inside me, growing, and becoming.
Its amazing!

Here is what Micah looks like inside there this week!

Life is good, I feel great, my only complaints are back pain and sleepiness, and loss of appetite.
Arent I supposed to have the appetite of an insatiable beast right now?

Nothing sounds good, only papayas, different fruit, and maybe cold things like ice cream, or bubble tea.

We are still unpacking, having come close to finishing but I love our new home:)

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