Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Weekend

Wow, what a weekend, somewhere in between two birthday celebrations, a wedding, Folk Life Festival, shopping, a sprained wrist, getting Teihani ready for camp, and family time,

we got to hang out with Sheanna (Elijah's baby mama to be), for the first time.

It has always saddened me a bit that we don't really know her. Her baby will be here in 2 short months. I know I have to build a relationship with her now, so she knows we will be part of her support network always.

I have met her before, even taken her to dinner, but I didn't really get to know her.
So we had her over for the whole weekend.

I took her to finish her baby registry, and to have dinner with my family where she got to meet all of our goofy counterparts:)
Everyone loved her and so do I.

They are soo young, that much is obvious, but I believe they have good nurturing instincts and that Sheanna will be a good Mommy, regardless of her age as long as she remembers to have patience and understanding at times when it feels impossible.
They seem love eachother, they are actually quite sweet together.
When all was done, ELijah said it was the best weekend of his life, and he has been all smiles ever since. He said he was soo happy to have all his favorite gals in one place, and that he wished Shawnna, his Auntie could have been there too.

All and all it was special, and I am thankful for the time we had with her.

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