Monday, May 16, 2011

Ups and Downs

Pregnancy is sort of a mixed bag of goodies.
Some days you reach in and pull out candy, and toys and trinkets and flowers, you know all that warm happy FUZZY stuff:)
Other days, you reach in and the pit feels bottomless! Sort of yucky, and bleh. You know, like an old gummy bear at the bottom of your purse.
Our hormones during pregnancy are all over the place- and we are uber sensitive to emotions and feelings and our reactions are felt through to the soul.

All we need is for people to keep their word.
To be kind
and to listen
or give BACK sometimes
Sometimes it feels like people just take take take and take some more and then call and see if they can take just a lil more..

Sometimes, I feel like I spend soo much time listening to all the worries
and problems of everyone else, and giving all my light and sunshine and happiness to
everyone else,

I saved none for me!

Resulting in, one, tired, super tired, and down Wendy..

Is this just what happens when your calling in life is the helper, supporter, listening and advice giver to those you love?
I don't think so, I think the same love should always be reciprocated.

So I am on listen strike, and hour long advice phone call protest, cause right now, I really need to listen, and care for me and take a little time to give me more hugs, and spend more time praying.

Love ME Week:) Self declared and well worth it!

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