Monday, May 9, 2011

Certified in Mental Health First Aid!

Guess who is officially certified and finished a long long crash course in psychology courtesy of Union Gospel Mission, since we are required to have this training if we work on the UGM mental health team.
Moi! (mee)
I got my license on my fridge and errr-thang:)

I finished a course given by the National Institute of Mental Health to teach us how identify and help people suffering from mental illness, drug abuse disorders, and eating disorders.

The course taught us all about different kinds of disorders, their triggers, their signs and symptoms, and ways to provide first aid until the patient gets to a care facility, we also learned all of the area resources so that we can proved referrals, and act as advocates.
It was very fascinating, TIRING but fascinating.
I have to admit, I cried several times during the course, because we heard about allot of peoples' stories, one of which was told by a woman, Liz, whose brother was bi-polar and schizophrenic, and had disappeared, shortly after, his body was finally found in a field of John Does in Pennsylvania, this brave woman shared her story and I could feel every ounce of her pain.

So many stories, they hit me hard, because we all feel so helpless when someone we love is mentally ill. Especially if they suffer from


The inability to be aware of ones own mental illness... Because without their, or their partners compliance we cannot get help for these people, and they, don't think they need it.

Well, my journey will be long, and before I can go out and save the world, I have to finish a couple other classes in emergency response, and team orientations, then I will be able to go out and work with the mentally ill homeless community because I got so tired of wishing there was something I could do, I decided to DO SOMETHING.

Mental illness has touched my loved ones in the most painful of ways. I cannot stand by and watch other people suffer....

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i love your blog-=--very interesting as a mom---keep it up..