Thursday, April 25, 2013

5 days

My emotions are all over the place.
But everyone else is so calm.
I find myself trying to mirror their calmness so I don't seem like a crazy person when I have to tell them about the procedure.
I want to say, hold on while I go faint. BRB.
My baby, is going under the knife, no matter how to say it, this is what I hear when anyone says surgery or procedure. (knife, knife and cut and my baby).......

Okay well got that off my chest-
On the upside of things, everyone is excited
and Rick and I both have time off after the surgery and
I will be able to snuggle him every minute of every day for a week.
I admit this, I try to remember how his eyes will light up when he hears our voices in
conjunction with signs. I cant wait to see how he connects the languages
and uses them both.
As far his first sounds, I am going to sing every cute little song I can think of and make him laugh and giggle and just hope and pray that it won't be scary for him.
In fact I am pretty sure his first sounds will startle him. I am hoping the audiologist lets me take lead on activation day to avoid loud noises that could freak him about but introduce sound softly to help warm him up to receiving them.
Sometimes you gotta strong arm these docs to remind them who is Mom!

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