Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kaitlyn the Great:)

Kaitlyn, One of the Deaf Moms at HSDC did a presentation about parenting and interacting with ASL.
She and her husband followed their little girl around naturally and signed the normal interactive signs and engaged in ways I do with Micah.

I dont know why but since I am the emotional sap that I am, I totally fought back tears....  I am not Deaf, but I do the same things she does which tells me my heart and instinct are on point and that my visual interaction with Micah are what  a Deaf Mom would do and my heart melted with happiness and broke at the same time. Hard to explain....

I Love him. What can I say. I am grateful tgat am so in tuned with him.

it feels good to know I am doing something right:)

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