Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 30- quickly approaching

The big day is coming, in just a couple weeks.

Does it feel right? (sort of)
Does it scare the shit out of me? (HELLYES)
Do I still believe in our decision (yes)

I met a young lady last week at the Capoeira Womens Encounter event and she was profoundly Deaf. She spoke and lip reads and I somehow was able to spot her in the crowd pretty quickly.  We practiced together and sat together to eat and I asked her if she could sign. She said yes and we began to talk about Capoeira. She was pretty amazing, she is in college and trainins capoeira regularly.  I took the opportunity to talk to her about Micah's implant decision and she was fully supportive and was so happy that we are also using ASL with him.

She is Deaf, she was not implanted, she uses hearing aids and she is living a full wonderful life and has been taking speach therapy since she was 1 just like Micah.
Anyways, she inspired me and I was so glad to meet her!

Micah can do anything, any other child can do. I know many people don't know that life is limitless for him, some people assume he cant play sports, or drive, etc. But he can do anything but hear. All Deaf or hard of hearing children can!

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