Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finding Time to Celebrate You

I am a true believer in finding time to pamper yourself, and celebrate yourself, all of your hard work,
busy days and superwoman-hood.
We are always running around taking care of everyone else, but how often do
you take time to relax and have some "you" time?
No matter what is going on around you in life, you have to take some time to quiet your thoughts and just BE.

I usually accomplish this kind of mindful meditation at the spa.
Kabuki Springs has been my queit place of choice lately.
There is always soft music playing, delicious cucumer or lemon water,
tea, apple slices, and it is always a calm serene place where you dont even have to speak a word once you pass
the front desk. If you dont want to.
OH and if you are the type that doesnt feel comfy when you butt booty naked in front of strangers (same sex strangers), this might not be the spa for you. At first I was mortified, now I am just a happy butt booty naked hippy:) However during private treatment sessions you can just keep a sarong on, and during co-ed communal bath nights everyone is clothed.
Last night I discovered the back-healing powers of Cranial Sacral and Reiki methods.
This woman, Suzy P. told me she wasnt going to do the "rubby" or "pokie" stuff, she was going to pin point and relieve my back pain.
So after resting in my amazing Matcha bath for 20 minutes, and getting water dumped all over me and my back scrubbed by a perfect stranger I got my massage and walked out of the spa feeling like a drunken million bucks, with no back pain, and today, still no pain.

It was lovely. I got this spa package for Mothers day and JUST now found time to use it, and it felt like I had given myself a BIG giant hug:) I love me, and I love the man who gave me my peaceful tranquil healing time;)

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