Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Make Lunch Fun!

Do you like to bring lunch from home? I try to pack my Daughter Teihani's lunch as often as I can, even though lately she feels like middle school cafeteria lunch is "cooler" :) When she was in third grade I discovered Bento Lunch Boxes. Little stackable boxes that come in 1-2-3-or even 4 stackable containers. They usually come with a little band that goes around them, a cute little matching bag, chopsticks and we have even found cute little sauce containers for her soy sauce and a tiny mini salt/pepper shaker for seasonings.

I think kids love the presentation too and they have a creative little way to put their lunch together and feel all grown up:)

I like to put rice and furikake (rice seasoning usually made of seaweed) in the bottom, then some steamed fish and veggies in the middle, and I use the top for something sweet like some fruit or some Dark Chocolate Chip Kashi Cookes, and I tuck the little sauce containers in the pockets of the little bags with some wet wipes. She LOVES it.
Here are some cute little bento boxes and gift sets! It's a great x-mas gift for even the grown ups:)

Look at this lovely Bento Box Set by SpaceStich (click here for more info)
Or this lovely Bento lunch set by Bunny Enterprises (Click here to go to her shop)

If you are like us and need more than one or two level boxes, check these out, they are super sturdy and you can fidn otu more abotu them at Plastica (click here to go to the website)

Such a great way to make lunch fun for your kids:) There are tons of bento accessories available onthe market, a great place to look is at Daiso Japan, they have tiny miniature forks, and spoons, tiny little bento inserts so you can separate the foods within each level, tiny chop sticks, and cute little wet wipe baggies. If you live close to one, you can definitely find all the bento accessories there!

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