Thursday, October 8, 2009

Inside My Makeup Bag

So if you know me, you know that I pride myself on my collection of beauty products. I like to find things that bring my complexion to life especially when I feeling less-than-fab.

During my cosmetic adventures, I have run across soo many promising products, all prices, all different ingrediants, but now I am finally truly happy with the contents of my makeup bag.

So my search is almost over.

My skin, is dry, suuuuuuuuper dry. No matter how much water I drink it is just so dry! For a while ther I was using Decleors very light floral oils just a dab on each temple and massaged all over, but that got pricey. I then tried Philosophy's "Hope in a Jar" which worked well but it just didnt hydrate enough.
Then I found the Vitamin E Intense Moisturizer at the body shop (pictured below). I soon discovered that the entire line, was made for a person with sensitive dry skin like me.
The facial wipes are soo convenient for traveling too!

As far as makeup goes, I have found the worlds greatest mineral brand out there. It is only sold at Whole Foods, or online at their site (click here) but it makes my skin look flawless, with tiny light diffusing reflectors that really cammouflage inperfections, and it doesn't look like I even have a drop of makeup on. I use the kabuki brush to apply and the flawless finish brush to smooth all over.

Mineral Fusion

It is paraben free and full of antioxidants (like white tea, red tea, and pomegranates)
It also has ingrediants that protect the outer layer of your skin from free radicals and uv.

Click here for more info!
There are tons of mineral makeups out there, I have tried I.D. Minerals, RawMinerals, and
this one.
If you are wondering which mineral brand you should try, try this one first. You will not be dissappointed!

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