Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weightwatchers Update

Moment of truth...

I got weighed last night at my meeting and I was completely shocked by the numbers on the scale!

I even told the weigh in lady that it must be broken, and I got on the other scale.. Well, both of scales couldnt be broken... I am now declaring WAR on my weight.
Even though I still feel smokin' hot at my weight, just because I have always been confident on the inside no matter how I look onthe outside.. I know it isn't healthy, and may have allot to do with why I was having knee and back issues when training capoeira. Forcing me to give up something I love for MONTHS..

I know I need to make different choices starting today!
So this morning when I went with my buddy for our morning coffee, I actually ordered a 2% Latte, and for me that is a huge step granted that I am all about the mochas, with whip, and flavoring and this and that, I mean if they had the option of adding coconut flakes and friggin walnuts in that drink I would be like, yes please...

But this is war! I am going to put a restraining order on my weight. I dont want nothing to do with it.
If I ever see my weight, on the streets, I am pulling off my earrings and putting a beat down on my weight lol
You get the message heehehe

My goal, for my weigh in next Tuesday is to lose 3 pounds. Here goes.
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