Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time to Write a Novel!

This will be my third year writing a novel. Can you believe that? I barely can...

A month in which I will be leaving my inner-editor out in the cold.

I write and write for 30 days straight.

I let out the literary Goddess within and create my masterpiece.

I am inviting YOU to do the same.

If you ever thought about writing, this is the PERFECT opportunity!

National Novel Writing Month!
During the month of November, writers all over the world, whether you are new to writing or you have cranked out a hundred novels, it is a month of writing non stop, and when you have atleast 50,000 words, you my friend have become an honorary novel writing champ, and you even get a certificate to prove it.
My first novel, was called "Goddess in Chains" I wrote it with the encouragement of my pal Kenne who always made sure I new where the write ins were around the city. I found comfort in sitting a room full of writers, all with one common goal, CRANK OUT THOSE WORDS.. My Daughter usually accompanied me, and she became very poplular among the cafe' owners who liked to watch her draw and chow down on chocolate chip cookies;)
Everyone in these writing groups is soo nice and welcoming and helpful, so when you come to a block, there is always someone to help you past it.

My second book, was an experimental venture into the horror genre.. Only to have the rug ripped out from underneath me when the movie "Quarantined" was released, becuase I thought my idea of zombies being humans with "rabies" was sooo original..

So I got frustrated and never finished my edits. Bleh...
This year, I will write an adventure thriller, but I cannot write one word until 12:00 a.m. on October 31st. None of us Nano-ers can.
That's the official minute that the creative mayhem begins.
This year my goal is to write, complete all of my edits on the new book and "Goddess" and get these suckers published even if I have to do it myself.
Join me, and find your inner novelist!
You can sign up and get more info at:

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