Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dreams to Conquer- 2010

  1. Move back to Seattle
  2. Open up small store in the storefront space of new house
  3. Finish up my novel and look into publishing
  4. Lose 25lbs
  5. Be consistent in yoga and capoeira if my body can take it
  6. Get Healthy and strong
  7. Write more poetry
  8. Travel
  9. Build my website
  10. Make lots of jewelry
  11. Love love love
  12. Revamp my wardrobe
  13. Remove the lump...
  14. RUN
  15. Master vegetarian cooking
  16. Take my vitamins
  17. Get my family to volunteer with me!
  18. Send donations to my favorite charities
  19. Take photos- of every beautiful thing I see
  20. Plan and take atleast 2 trips
  21. Push myself
  22. check off everything on this list!

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