Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Ready for Our Big Move

Granted, I havent even SEEN our new place in person yet, only pictures and paperwork with our new address sprawled across the pages. Having been inspired by the thunder storms, rain and winds, and eclectic vibe of downtown San Francisco, and all of its ethnic diversity.
I have begun to shop for home decor, trusting my gut instincts and a few great photos of our soon to be home.

My new goal is to try to decorate the whole place organically. Both in concept and in materials.

Firt thing first!
I need more inspiration.

A combinationof Ikea, and the photos on the Room Decorating Ideas website, and voila! I may have got something here.

I am going to try to give our living room an organic and meditative outdoor feel, with a deep rich colors balanced light shades of grey and cream.
Think, deep rich vibe of Indian nights meets breezy relaxed Fiji.

Our front room, bathroom and bedrooms, are all very earthy colors. Sage green walls, dark bamboo flooring. This is our new master bathroom. In an earlier post I talk about vinyl wall decor, which I am definitely going to use, in the bathroom (white birds on the wall) and trees/leaves on living room wall.
Calla Lilly decals on the bathroom wall.

Something like this in the master bedroom-

Living room:

since there is an oversized window and soo much natural lighting, this would be a nice addition behind the couch

Needless to say I am more than excited to decorate our new home:) I willlikely spend a day at Ikea, shoot, if I could I would spend the night and keep on shopping the next day:)

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