Thursday, January 21, 2010

Young Coconut Bowl

I recently tasted something similar to this and it was to die for! I simply added a couple little things to perfect it and I now have the perfect, halthy filling way to start your meatless day:)
One Young Coconut
Some coconut flakes (about two teaspoons)
a couple apples of any kind
1 small bag of pecans
one table spoo of cinnamon
some organic maple syrup
Break open your young coconut and scrape out the meat, try not to srape the walls of the coconut.
Place all your coconut in a blender
Core and chop up your apples, you can leave the skin on if you'd like
Put the chopped apple in the blender along with your pecans
Blend well until smooth slightly lumpy
Poorinto a bowl and top with a couple dashes of cinnamon and a nice light drizzle of your maple syrup. Try it!
It is gooooooooood!!!!! Very filling too:) yummmmy

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WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

A tasty recipe to die for
For your pallete to explore.
So hurry and make haste
To try this new taste.

Thank you. Take care. Bye.