Friday, January 22, 2010

Not Your Average Big Banana Yellow Rain Coat

After searching and searching for rain coats that my Grandmother wouldnt wear:) I found some cute well cut coats that are flattering, tough and waterproof.

REI Raindance Jacket.

This is the Stussy Structure Rain coat- comes in a deep indigo blue too!

Click here to visit the Stussy web site

North Face Grace Rain Jacket

I love the belted waist!

Click here to vist the REI web site to purchase yours.

The Soiya and Kio Double Breasted rain coat, from Nordstroms.

Click here to go to

So there you have it, rain coats are no longer embarrassing giant yellow poncho looking hand me downs:)

See my next post about funky fashionable and trendy rain boots and You are all set to make a "splash" :)


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